• Sander Jorve

    The Working Class

    Born into the roughest area of Lantern City known as “the Devil's Corner” Sander fought for survival every day of his life. At the age of six, he lost his father who became a victim of the Lantern City Guard. Sander and his mother scraped by for nearly a decade, stealing and scrounging for food, moving from place-to-place. Eventually, Sander was able to escape “the Devil's Corner” and start life anew. He settled into a grueling working class existence, slaving away in the fields outside the city's walls, finding his only solace in his wife Karla and his young son Rennie. Sander is street smart and works on instinct Karla and his brother-in-law Kendal Kornick, see greatness in him, but finding his own true path, and understanding his real potential will be the greatest challenge he will ever face.

  • Lantern City Guard

    The Grey Empire

    The Lantern City Guard is the well-trained military branch of the Grey Empire. They assure that there is order within the city, especially within the worker class districts, and they patrol the wall and the fields outside the city. Becoming a member of the Lantern City Guard is difficult because so many working class men want to join, far more than the Guard needs. It is an esteemed job, although it does not place members into a higher class. There are countless potential dangers to the job, but these risks are worth taking in order for working class men to avoid a job in the factories or fields.

  • Killian Grey

    The Grey Empire

    Children of privilege rarely show the motivation of Killian. At a young age he understood that he would one day rule Lantern City, but he did not want to be the same type of ruler as his father (who tended to be paranoid, reactionary, and easy influenced by those around him). Killian immersed himself in learning and physical training, avoiding the traps of the ruling class’ lifestyle. His defiance caused great clashes between him and his father creating rumors that Killian actually killed him.

    He makes most people of the ruling class nervous because he seems to be reckless, making decisions on whim and showing apathy toward the typical concerns and customs of the ruling class. In truth, Killian is ruthless, always two steps ahead of everyone else, calculating every move, and controlling Lantern City in a new, dynamic way that all plays perfectly into his plan: changing the entire landscape of the city.

  • Martha Ellen Grey

    The Grey Empire

    Martha was bred for success. Both of her parents were born into the ruling class and were influential members whose contributions are still felt in the present. She received a second-to-none education and if she would have been a boy, she would have been a great architect or engineer; since those fields forbid women, she was positioned to become Lady Grey.

    Her marriage to James Jay Grey was tumultuous, but they maintained a façade that the public believed. It took a long time for her to become pregnant with Killian and as soon as he was born she knew he would be her only child. She finds it difficult to understand and justify all of Killian’s actions as the Ruler, but she loves him unconditionally and wants to believe that Killian always has the Empire’s best intentions in mind, even though the council, which Martha leads, thinks that Killian is trying to destroy Lantern City.

  • Kendal Kornick

    The Working Class

    Few working class citizens of Kendal’s generation ever had an education, but Kendal was fortunate enough that both of his parents worked for the ruling class. They acquired an education and stole books in which to teach Kendal. His education helped him to succeed in all of his jobs: first in the fields outside the city, then in the factories, and finally in the primary prison of Lantern City. At night, he started to teach other working class citizens how to read. He also studied the biographies of all the great leaders in Hetra’s history.

    As conditions worsened gradually for the working class citizens of Lantern City, Kendal emerged as a leader to fight for their rights. He has many qualities that a leader needs: empathy, charisma, and an ability to motivate the masses. He is also a dynamic speaker that attracts great crowds to his speeches. Kendal is confident that the working class citizens can regain the rights they have lost throughout the reign of the Grey Empire, but he fears the consequences of being the face of the revolution.

  • Lizel Kornick

    The Working Class

    Though Lizel was born into the working class, her father, Kendal, ensured that she was educated and aware of the world around her. She is smart and a person of action. Acting-before-she-thinks can land her in troubling situations, but some how she manages to come out on top. She shares Kendal’s passion for revolution, though their methods do not always align: Kendal wants a peaceful movement and Lizel, along with her gang, understands that sometimes violence is the only language understood when the world needs to be turned upside down.

  • Karla Jorve

    The Working Class

    Karla’s parents ran illegal schools in the Depths of the Working Class, teaching people of all ages how to read, defying the terrible ramifications they would face if caught by the Lantern City Guard or the Grey Empire. Since this was her idea of normal, she always knew what a great sacrifice change — especially revolution – required. As a wife and mother, she is conflicted, because she must remain true to her husband Sander and their son and loyal to her brother Kendal and his revolutionary cause. This conflict pulls her into a dark and twisted world that forces her to become more than she ever imagined.