But what about the TV show?

Apr 7, 2015 / Trevor Crafts

Is it coming yet? What channel will it be on? When will it air?

These are the questions I receive most. They are also the hardest to answer. Many of you reading this have been fans since the very beginning. I wish that I had an easy straight forward answer, but the path to creating a show based on LC that we know everyone will love has been full of more twists and turns than the streets of Lantern City itself.

For those new to Lantern City, we launched the idea in 2012 at Comic Con in San Diego. Bruce, Matt, and I had a wing and a prayer to try to cut through the clutter of that huge con, but at the end, we had almost 10,000 fans on social media and though lanterncitytv.com. That was the beginning, and we have grown in media terms, exponentially since that time with a prequel novel RISE, and a monthly comic from Archaia and Boom Studios coming in May.

So I hear you asking… With all this great stuff…Why no show?

Well, just for a frame of reference, it took Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the biggest names in Hollywood, 7 years to make Wolf of Wall Street. I loved it, but 7 years?!? Yes, it can take that long or more to make a movie. Just to clarify, the actual shooting and editing didn’t take that long, but finding the right mix of partners, investors and studios can be very tricky and time-consuming. Standard practice is 2 to 3 years from start to finish, but that is with the studio all lined up and ready to commit funds. All of it means a serious life commitment and those dreaded words – Development Hell –  can strike at any time. The film market is unique, there are lots of places to show a new film, from film festivals to DVD releases. But up until recently, the only place to watch TV was…well, on TV. While the pendulum is beginning to swing back to more original programing and producers creating content as opposed to networks, television is still an ever shifting landscape, and difficult to navigate.

We wanted to try something new. New is hard. We involved all of you from the very beginning. We wanted you know every step that we took. Usually a network announces a new show the season before and then, like magic, the show appears and the billboards are all over. We know that fans are often fans for life, and we wanted you along for the ride.

The truth is that we had Lantern City on the fast track in late 2013, but due to management changes at the network, we were scrapped with a slew of other projects. From that setback, we have rebuilt, creating new partnerships that will get us on the air. Its not a question of if… just when. I know it’s hard to wait. Believe me, I pace the halls of the Macrocosm office every day, thinking of the next strategy that will get us to air faster.

You can help, as always, by spreading the word. Order the comic from your local comic shop. Help us make the launch of the comic something that the networks stand up and take notice of!

On that day, which will be coming soon, when Lantern City is available for everyone to watch, we will all know the hard work and dedication it took, from fans and creators alike to make the next great show on television.

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